To ensure your order is delivered by 12/22 place your order by 12/15 – An elegant Red Shopping Bag to wrap your gifts is included in orders placed by 12/25.


The prices of the items chosen are displayed on the site and are subject to changes and updates.  Please check the final price on the checkout page before submitting the order.  The final cost will include product price, state and local taxes where appropriate, and shipping costs if applicable. Signoria reserves the right to cancel any order in the case of incorrect pricing or typographical error.

In certain States where Signoria does not collect or remit sales tax, purchases are not exempt from sales taxes and purchasers in those States are required to file the requisite sales or use tax returns and directly pay applicable taxes to the States. Additional information may be found on your State department of revenue website.

The payment will be made solely through one of the payment methods indicated which are by several credit card options or PayPal®.  In either case, the items ordered will only be confirmed and sent after the consumer’s credit card or PayPal information has been verified and authorized by the bank or PayPal. If, for whatever reason, the payment has not been authorized and confirmed, the order will be automatically cancelled. 

Your credit card is charged upon submitting the order.


The supported payment methods are as follows:

  • Carta di Credito;
  • Bancomat Pay
  • PayPal

Adherent to the circuits

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

Prepaid Cards

All rechargeable cards (such as PostePay) associated with one of the international circuits indicated above are accepted.


How payment is made with credit cards and prepaid cards

At the time of payment, a pop-up will appear with the NEXI logo in which you will need to enter your credit or debit card details and, if applicable, the OTP security code, which you receive from your bank or from the institution that issued your credit card.


How to pay with Paypal

By choosing this method, after clicking "confirm" on the checkout page, you are redirected to a page on the PayPal site where you can enter your Paypal account e-mail address and password, in order to pay for your order.


We remind you to also carefully read our Terms and Conditions.

Any reference to thread count (TC) refers to the commonly accepted commercial definition of the number of yarns per square inch including 2 ply yarns for obtaining total thread count. It is not a reference to the “technical” definition as promulgated by ASTM Standard D 3775 which considers 2 or more ply yarns as one thread or end. Applying D 3775 to multiple ply yarns will result in a lower technical thread count than the commercial definition.