Perfection at last, softness second to none, come join the

Nuvola revolution!


Discover Nuvola, where dreams come true. Think of the impossible, we made it possible. Signoria is proud to introduce a new level of softness never experienced before. Close your eyes and think of slowly running your hand over the softest and purest of clouds. Now open your eyes, it’s real, Nuvola is what dreams are made of.


Nuvola is a combination of only the best one can find in every step of its handcrafted creation. It finds birth in the vintage cotton fields in the American west and southwest, where the finest cotton in the world can be found, carefully selected by Signoria. Only the hands and hearts of the best artisans in the world can weave such
exclusive yarns into such a perfect fabric. Only the best Italian finishing techniques can make the fabric so soft and luxurious. Only Signoria’s touch of genius could transform such perfect fabric into Nuvola, something that never existed before and that none even knew could exist.

Nuvola is where heritage meets innovation. It’s the result of a restless quest for what only dreams can dare to achieve after years of studying, sampling and testing in Signoria’s atelier. If you introduce a truly innovative technique into generations of craftsman ship, carefully balancing two apparently contrasting elements, if you can make such balance last, you find Nuvola, perfection at last.

Nuvola Sateen

Nuvola Sateen is made of the finest SUPIMA® cotton and thanks to the Italian finishing techniques the fabric gains a silken-soft splendour.
A 600-thread count bed linen that exhibits the softest touch to the skin, a most graceful drapability. It’s the start of a new era in luxury bedding.


Nuvola Percale

Thanks to Signoria’s special finishing techniques, the renown extra-long staple cotton percale becomes even more soft and silky while maintaining the crisp hand and breathability appreciated by percale lovers who seeks an airy-light and opulently soft bed sheet.

Nuvola Percale is made of 600 tc SUPIMA® cotton percale.

Supima cotton is 100% extra-long staple cotton grown exclusively in the American west and southwest. Yarns made from Supima cotton produce softer and longer lasting fabrics.

Nuvola is the finest cotton in the world
Nuvola is a unique handcrafted technique that enhances the properties of the fabric
Nuvola is woven yarn after yarn into the finest of fabrics
Nuvola is generations of craftsmanship
Nuvola is passion for perfection
Nuvola is a dream come true

Any reference to thread count (TC) refers to the commonly accepted commercial definition of the number of yarns per square inch including 2 ply yarns for obtaining total thread count. It is not a reference to the “technical” definition as promulgated by ASTM Standard D 3775 which considers 2 or more ply yarns as one thread or end. Applying D 3775 to multiple ply yarns will result in a lower technical thread count than the commercial definition.