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Bath mat in 100% Long-staple Combed Cotton. Made in Italy
The Giudecca bath mat is embellished by the light movement of this delicate and contemporary pattern that lends to the product an elegant look and makes it appropriate for furnishing both modern and classic settings. Signoria's terry is made with high quality Long-Staple Combed Cotton woven with twisted yarns that assures high absorbency and a very smooth touch caressing the body.
Every piece is the emblem of Italian craftsmanship. The Giudecca bath mat is made with two layers of terry and is finished with a hand made applied sateen border with squared corners matching the color of the towel. The embroidered pattern forms a frame. The terry is offered in three classic and calming colors, White, Ivory and Silver Moon whereas the Giudecca embroidery is available in a wide color range. Size 20x32 inches. Made in Italy.
Edging: hand made border with rounded corners.
Towels: embroidery along one short side.
Bath Mat: embroidery with a rectangular shape.
Do not overload washer.
Wash towels with towels and avoid mixing anything that might damage or pull the loops or yarns of the terry fabric such as buttons, zippers etc.
Use mild detergent
Do not pour detergent directly on fabric; add the detergent to the water first and then add your linens.
Do not use bleach or detergents with bluing agents or whiteners- these may weaken fibers and cause them to yellow.
Unless terry is very stained or soiled you may reduce the recommended amount of detergent.
Use a delicate spin cycle
Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not recommended as their chemicals prevent the bed linens from naturally becoming softer over time. Fine terry will begin to be even softer and absorbent after 3-4 washings.
Terry should be separated into light and dark colors and washed separately from anything else.
Tumble dry on low to medium heat.
Iron if desired, low heat.
100% Long-staple Combed Cotton;
600 gr/sqm
Bath Mat = 20x32

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